Last week I told you all that a school district in my city (San Diego Unified School District) acquired an MRAP (Mine-Resitant Ambush Protected) vehicle and was trying to present it to the community as a “rescue” vehicle for SDUSD schools.

Today I’m happy to say that SDUSD is returning the vehicle to the Department of Defense. NO ONE can ever tell me that activism & community organizing doesn’t work. We came together, made calls and put pressure on the Superintendent to have this vehicle removed from our school district and we won!

This vehicle, and others like it, do not belong in our communities and school districts. These are vehicles of fear and oppression. I was utterly shocked to see this in a school district were I live, but again, if we acquired one, I’m certain other school districts have too. LAUSD currently has 3 grenade launchers, an MRAP & 61 assault rifles. We should all be looking into the school districts in our respective cities to see what they may have acquired from the Military Surplus Program & then pressure them to return it.

We cannot allow our communities & schools districts to be militarized.

SDUSD to return armored vehicle to the feds:

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What are the chances that this photo will ever appear in the mainstream media?


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This picture of the audience’s reaction to Omarosa on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show after saying, “You [white people] get to walk around and be mediocre and still get rewarded with things.” deserves the Pulitzer for Photography

Sista in second row is like “Yeah, you betta say that shit Omarosa!!! Let em know!!”“

LOL white folks hate hearing the truth about themselves lol


"she’s just playing hard to get" 

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YouTube is full of videos where young white men, often times armed, stand up to police and force the officers to back down. With African-Americans, however, the rules are often different and knowing your rights will get you Tasered or worse. One African-American man recorded an encounter with police where he avoided getting arrested or shοt while preserving his rights.

When cops knocked on his door looking for a fugitive, Avel Amarel was determined to record the incident and not allow officers to illegally enter his home, according to a video posted on

Police told Amarel that they wanted to search his home because of an incident that occurred in the parking lot, but Amarel told the officers that the person they were looking for was not inside his home and he wasn’t allowing police to enter without a warrant.

“Officer, I can’t let you inside without a search warrant,” he says.

Early in the encounter, an officer attempts to get Amarel to stop recording cell phone video, using the excuse that he didn’t know what the object was. Amarel informed the officer that the object in question was a cell phone and continued recording.

Throughout the video, Amarel refuses to let up, asking officers for three forms of identification. The officers never present any ID, but ask Amarel for ID, but he refuses. Amarel asks the officers whether he’s suspected of a crime and when the officers explain again about the fugitive, Amarel tells them that only he and his family are at the home.

When one officer asks for permission to search the home, Amarel tells him to come back with a warrant. Eventually the officers leave in frustration.


he survived?

did they come back for him?

good thing he had that camera. black folks need to film every interaction with police via ustream so it’s uploaded instantly to the internet.

for a moment i myself feared for his life, wow. i love this

That was beautifully handled


I get scared every time I see black people have encounters with people and they video tape it, and then I thank god they lived through it!

Always film the police


don’t shoot because of my melanin



Don’t Be Afraid


Don’t Be Afraid